About Digital Extremes Ltd.

Based in London, Ontario, Canada, Digital Extremes proudly ranks as one of the world’s top independent game development studios. With a development history spanning two decades, Digital Extremes has brought some of gaming’s most recognizable titles to players worldwide.

Digital Extremes first became known with the co-creation of Epic’s Unreal franchise, which has won numerous awards and sold millions of units. Following the success of the franchise, Digital Extremes entered the new generation of consoles with Dark Sector – the highly anticipated 3rd person action game. Dark Sector was the first release to be made with Digital Extremes’ proprietary Evolution Engine, a graphically rich gaming engine all built in-house. Following Dark Sector, Digital Extremes’ began the first of many collaborations with 2K Games – creating the entire Multiplayer portion of Bioshock 2. Soon after, 2K and Digital Extremes partnered up for the critically-acclaimed and recently released The Darkness 2. The Darkness 2 featured stunning visuals and visceral game play, all built in the Evolution Engine.

Moving forward, Digital Extremes' latest venture has been in the free-to-play market, with the release of their homegrown self-published IP, Warframe. This is a co-operative third person shooter video game, and possibly the most successful title in the studio's 25 year history. Under constant development, this game is currently playable on Steam, PC, Playstation 4 as well as Xbox One worldwide and will soon be available to play on Nintendo Switch as well. Warframe is an ongoing title that updates frequently, and provides new content and features based largely on player & community feedback.

Digital Extremes prides itself on providing a warm, inviting, creative work environment for its team and has recently been named one of 'Canada's Top 100 Employers' for the 4th year in a row. Competitive salaries, profit sharing, retirement matching, ample vacation and free daily homemade lunches are just a few of the many perks our employees enjoy. But all these perks aren't worth much if you're not working on exciting ambitious projects that get your creative juices flowing and that's where DE shines. So, join us in London, Ontario, the family-friendly Forest City and land of impressively affordable living to be a part of a passionate, devoted team of developing ninjas.

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