About LifeLike BioTissue Inc.

LifeLike BioTissue Inc. is in the business of manufacturing artificial tissues (e.g.  skin, veins, aortas, bowels, etc.) that have the same feel, texture and mechanical properties as real tissues, for medical and surgical training purposes.   These products will be sold and marketed to medical, veterinarian, and nursing schools around the world, together with training hospitals, training skills centers, medical device companies that are in need of realistic artificial tissues to meet their growing medical training needs.  Medical students and surgical residents have very limited opportunities to practice a medical procedure before trying it on a live human patient. Lifelike BioTissue’s products will provide trainees with lifelike, inexpensive, safe and easy to dispose tissues for them to dramatically improve their surgical skills, while improving their accuracy, speed and confidence and ultimately improve the quality and safety of patient care worldwide at a reduced cost to the healthcare system. Medical devices also have a great need for tissue simulators to test and validate their own medical devices within R&D, as well as Marketing, training and sales efforts.

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