Aquatell is a customer-first eCommerce company out of London, Ontario that sells really useful water treatment technology to homeowners. We use our state-of-the art website and conventional customer communications to convey our value:  we help homeowners understand what they need to buy, and then buy it for a great price. Our customers love us because we help them hack the water treatment industry and because we do it without the greasy snake-oil-salesman tactics that have been prevalent in this industry for years.

The approach is working.

Aquatell is kicking ass and taking names! Who knew that honesty and integrity could do that!  But all this ass-kicking and name-taking has come home to roost:  we’re generating more inbound inquiries from customers than we can handle. It’s working so well, we even had to turn off our toll-free number. Good problem, right?

So we’re looking to hire somebody who can help us manage this new volume of customer inquiry and the rest of the work that comes along with it. Here’s what the job will entail, and the type of skills and experience we need:

Inbound Sales Inquiries

Customers do a Google search, they find us, and like what they see. We have some online tools that will help to guide them to the right product but they often have questions that arrive in the way of phone calls, emails, or chat sessions. We need someone who can help these customers find the answers they need. Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a water treatment expert on day one.

However, the products we sell are science-and-technology based, so we’re looking for somebody with a science or tech educational background who can talk-the-talk, with the long-term goal of helping you become a full-fledged water treatment guru through our investment in professional development.

You’ll be perfect for this role if you have an undergraduate university degree in the sciences or a college diploma in a science-based field. Every candidate needs to have taken post-secondary courses in either biology, chemistry, and ideally both.

You’ll be perfect for this role if you love talking to people and helping them. You’re an upbeat communicator and you feel fulfilled when you’ve helped somebody solve a problem. We need you to show that you’ve done this in the past – retail sales / restaurant server / call centre / something else?

Warranties, Returns

More money = more problems.  Just ask Puff Daddy (nice jumpsuits, guys. And yes, I’m older than you). The idea is simply this:  the more we sell, the more issues are encountered. These issues run the full gamut of where’s my order to this thing arrived broken to how do I install this? Just think about every online purchase you’ve ever made and what could/did go wrong. This is the ‘bad stuff’ that happens. And you know from your own experience – the way that bad stuff is dealt with by a business is what separates it from its competitors. We get more 5-star reviews from customers who’ve encountered issues that we quickly and happily resolved, then from anybody else. People appreciate it.

You’ll manage this part of the role well if you’re organized, detail-oriented, and like to see simultaneous small projects through to completion. You don’t get easily offended if customers tell you they’re disappointed. You’re able to ask yourself what would I want as a customer in this situation? You know how to apologize and you take action proactively to make customers happy.

Building the Role

We’ve been doing sales and support really well at Aquatell since the beginning (check out our Google rating). And while many of these processes have been well documented and defined, we have realized that our ability to rapidly scale depends on improving this aspect of our business. So in this role, not only will you be responsible for delivering great service, you’ll be equally responsible for the constant creation, refinement, and documentation of how the work gets done. We’ve invested in some really cool tools to facilitate this. You’ll be shaping the future of how sales and support is delivered at Aquatell!

Technology, Entrepreneurship, Flexibility

Aquatell is a technology play. We leverage knowledge of the digital sphere and digital tools to find customers, deliver our message, transact sales, provide customer service, and to run every element of the business. We love technology. You’ll love working at Aquatell if you love technology too and can embrace the fact that the love of technology is really the love of constant improvement and incremental change.

Aquatell is still a small business. Coming on board means that you’ll be ready to get to work – we just can’t afford to have employees who aren’t. It also means that you recognize the flexibility that a small, entrepreneurial enterprise demands. We’ve described the job the best we can, but as things unfold there may be tasks that fall outside of this description. This is the classic duality of the unknown: risk vs reward. There’s a tremendous chance that you’ll get to do things in this business that aren’t in the job description and are very very cool. But there’s the chance that you’ll need to do things that aren’t. You’ll happily take that chance. Here’s a list of some of the other things we might need your help with:

  • adding and editing products in our web catalog (we use Shopify)
  • monitoring and responding to social media
  • if you’re a decent writer, writing! (stuff for social media, the website, email newsletters, etc)
  • competitor monitoring
  • email newsletter management
  • pricing / profit analysis

Compensation, Office, Computing

This is an entry-level position and starting salary will be based on qualifications and fit. Compensation will include a base salary and the opportunity to earn a quarterly bonus. You’ll get 20 paid days off per year above and beyond statutory holidays. You can use these as vacation days, sick days, or whatever you like. You’ll be enrolled in the WQA’s education and certification course to achieve the Certified Water Specialist designation within your first six months of employment.

For the first three months of this job, Aquatell will be working from a shared office space. After that, we’ll either be acquiring our own office space, or we’ll move to a work-from-home model. This will in large part be dictated by employee performance in the first three months.

Aquatell runs in the cloud. All business software is web-based and no software is installed on a machine. So bring your technology to work! You’ll do your work on your own equipment and Aquatell will provide you with an annual technology budget to spend and use as you see fit.

Does this sound interesting? Do you have the skills, education, and work ethic we’re looking for? If so, please proceed to this page where we describe the application process.

About Aquatell Inc

Aquatell is a London, ON based eCommerce retailers of water purification products aimed primarily at residential homeowners. We help our customers navigate the confusing world of water purification by educating them first.