In the role of Sales and Business Development we are looking for a qualified person to assist us with the commercialization of our adaptoTM Product Line. adaptoTM is a pre-engineered automation platform with configurable building blocks that offers a completely new approach to modularity and flexibility in the automation industry. Having supplied a few system to existing customers, we are expanding our offering to new customers in North America in the automotive, the plastics and consumer goods industries.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

–         Co-developing a strategic sales process

–         Assisting in the development of Marketing Materials

–         Promoting and educating customers on the commercial and technical advantages of adaptoTM

–         Conducting Sales meetings with Manufacturers in the Automotive, Plastics, Consumer Goods, and other industries

–         Developing machine concepts, calculations, proposals and presentations based on customer inquiries

–         Attend trade shows and business meetings presentations

–         Conducting Sales activities in international markets, mostly in the US and Mexico


Required Qualifications and Experience:

–         At least 5 years’ experience in B2B Sales of industrial equipment

–         Expert knowledge of the strategic sales process

–         Experience in automation and industrial machines

–         Experience in lead generation, tracking and conversion

–         Experience with various marketing tactics

–         Free to travel

–         Self-motivated and results oriented


Founded in 2003, KONNEXIO is recognized as a leader in the automation industry, continuously developing new innovations, new products and customer projects, in order to improve the productivity in the manufacturing industry. See www.konnexio.com for more information.